About us

Global Tech Strategies is a global technology company that specializes in the digitalization of business processes, Emergency management software, Smartcities and turnkey Online Marketplace projects.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to undertake any technological components required to fully develop any project of a global nature. Our team of motivated and proactive experts here at GTS develop the best solutions to meet our clients expectations, collaborating with top-tier companies in order to fulfill any project’s objectives.

Our Vision:

Here at Global Tech Strategies we strive to be the world reference in the fields of business process digitalization and Smart City management. We offer an attainable vision of future and progres to public entities, private companies and citizens. Our aim is to draw a road map that will help our clients grow and evolve toward solutions that improve the quality of live of their citizens, clients and employees. We collaborate with our clients to pinpoint and automate any processes that would so require, thus helping them focus their efforts in value-generating processes.

Our Values:


We invest on research, study and the use of state-of-the-art technology. This way, we are able to develop the most efficient implementation methods.


We believe in sustainable growth, both in countries and people, as a means to further their development and achieve improvements in their quality of life.


Our workforce is comprised of multidisciplinary teams. We believe in people, trust in their potential and support them in order to help them achieve their goals.


We are commited to the preservation of the environment. We support research and innovation in sustainable technologies which we later put to use in keep our development and production systems at the lowest possible levels of environmental impact.


Every once in a while, we can’t help but make a mistake. When we do, we only get up stronger through the application of the lessons learned, as many times as required. We are used to working on the edge and succeeding. As a team, we are commited to our clients.

We at GTS support and respect Human Rights in all our projects. We follow the standards set by the United Nations Global Compact. We seek to maximize sustainable employment generation in whichever country we work. We favour freedom of association, we equally respect the individual freedom of each and every worker. We always work within the current legislation.

Our recruitment policies are based on the experience, qualifications and abilities of the candidates.

We work under the EU standards on environment and sustainability. Our responsibility is based on giving support and encouraging the creation of, and innovation in, sustainable technology. In short, the transfer of the best available technology and knowledge.

Our work

GTS is a consulting company specialized in technological projects, feasibility studies, business process digitalization and the design of online marketplaces.

We are technology specialists, highlighting the development and implementation of technology transfer processes.

We work providing the tools and knowledge necessary to achieve the goals of our clients

Our team of experts begin their work with a feasibility study to determine the objectives and strategies that will meet the needs and achieve the proposed objectives. Working with our client, we find the best solutions. Later, during the implementation phase, we work to train the local teams with the certainty of achieving, together, the successful closure of the project and the implantation of an autonomous and independent local team.


  • Information technologies software
  • Smart Cities
  • Emergency management software
  • Consulting in digitalization of business processes

International Experience

GTS has a network of experts in each sector and extensive international knowledge, acquired through professional experience in projects carried out in Europe, Africa, and Asia.